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As part of the Lincoln Award a programme is designed and published regularly showcasing a range of digital skills events run by the ID4.0 project team, news, training material and much more. Below you will find the latest release of this booklet for January 2019:

Innovation, ID 4.0, and students

It is a fact that innovation is a central part to any future job seeker’s skill set. However, there is a lack of consensus on what innovation skills actually are.

“Innovation is inherently implied in the scenario of Industry 4.0”, Letizia Palazeschi et al  (2018) are quoted in their article Re-thinking Innovation in Organizations in the Industry 4.0 Scenario: New Challenges in a Primary Prevention Perspective.

The authors review the definition of innovation and suggest new directions for future research and intervention relative to innovation and innovative work behaviours in the organisational context.

But what practical and succinct steps can students embark on towards achieving innovation in their studies and what does innovation mean in the ID 4.0 workplace?


The Think Tank, which is the home of business innovation based on-campus at the University of Lincoln, offers 7 tips for innovation which is applicable to everyone:

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