Teaching Material

An integral part of the ID 4.0 is to drive innovation in our curriculum and adapt this to meet the challenges of a 21st century shaped by ID 4.0.

This page will form a repository of learning and teaching material about ID 4.0 prepared by staff from the University of Lincoln across a wide range of disciplines including material developed for the Lincoln Award’s digitalisation stream.

We invite our academic colleagues to contribute to this page by forwarding us any material that they think will be of relevance to the wider student community.

Material published here will aid and be used by our students to become not only more familiar with ID 4.0 and its opportunities, but also see its over-arching impact and relevance across various disciplines. This can only promote the multidisciplinary nature of 21st century education.

We also aim to showcase to the public and industry,  the approach taken by the University of Lincoln through its ID 4.0 project, in innovating and upskilling our curriculum and our students skills sets.

A taster of teaching material currently offered to students on the Lincoln Award are:

What is ID 4


For Internet of Things learning material delivered as part of the Lincoln Award reference will be made to this resource:  http://noderedguide.com/